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Natural Yogi: Natural Deodorant

I interview Nadia from Natural Yogi. Nadia makes natural deodorants by hand and stocks a variety of health stores all over South Africa.

Earth & Kin: Natural Skincare

Interview with Andrea Barras from Earth & Kin. This is a natural skincare brand with a range of products created by Andrea Barras and Dorae Smith.

ReTrade: Empowerment through Recycling

The ReTrade Project is based in Port Elizabeth and focuses on encouraging underprivileged people to trade recycling for food and other essentials.

Cauliflower Curry: Recipe

A recipe for Cauliflower Curry. Takes a bit of preparation, but it is easy to make and can be enjoyed for dinner, and lunch the following day.

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We are Eon & Melissa de Klerk.  We are vegetarians, moving towards living as plant-based as possible.

Melissa loves chai tea with almond milk, and eon loves black coffee.

We have a dachshund called Milo who keeps Melissa company by lying under her desk during the day while she works her day job over at Fox & Owl Media.

 We want to share as much information and as many resources as possible, so that you can find products and services to support your eco-conscious lifestyle.

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