As with most interesting things I learn about in the world, I found Bonnie Bio through Instagram.  I love that they’re actively trying to replace harmful plastic with biodegradable alternatives.  This is a company I had to reach out to and they agreed to be featured on the blog.
Q:  What was your motivation to start this business?

A:  The motivation behind starting Bonnie Bio was to address the scourge of plastic pollution on our environment.

Q:  How do you go about sourcing your raw materials so that they’re as sustainable as possible?

We use a number of raw materials in the production of our product. We look for plastic alternatives which have a low carbon footprint, which are not detrimental to the environment and that are eco-friendly and animal friendly. We physically inspect every factory, of every supplier, monthly. We will not deal with any factory or producer who cannot supply us with authentic accreditation. This accreditation we thoroughly check, as our reputation is at stake, and so too is that of our customers. Should it be brought to our attentions or we find out that a supplier has not adhered to these conditions, we terminate the relationship immediately.

​Q:  How have you designed your production and delivery process to create as little environmental impact as possible?

We have located factories which are close to ports, this way reducing our carbon footprint in the transportation of the goods from the factory to the port. We have decided to not manufacture in South-Africa because we feel that the coal-fired power stations have been slated as some of the worst, from an environmental aspect, in the world.

​Q:  What motivates you to keep going?

However small, we want to try and make a difference.

Q:  What has running your business taught you?

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. The public are looking for alternatives and our support is growing exponentially. We find that our support base is not categorised by age. We are getting support from young to old, across all walks of society. People care about our planet.

Q:  What would you like to communicate to the wider community through your business?

There are alternatives to plastic, and we need to reduce consumption of not only plastic but of commodities in general.

Find them online through their website, on Instagram and Facebook.

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