I first came across Eat Naked at Dis-Chem in the health-food section.  I then went to an Eastern Cape Bloggers event, where a sachet of peanut butter and a small tube of honey were included in our goodie bags.  I looked up the company online and fell in love with their branding, their message, and the fun personality they’ve created.

I tried the products and enjoyed them so much that they’ve become a part of my monthly grocery shopping.

When I started this project, Eat Naked immediately came to mind, so I reached out to them hoping to list them and feature them on the blog.

Michael replied and we have been in communication.  He agreed to answer my questions, so what follows is Michael from Eat Naked.

Q:  What was your motivation to start this business?

A:  To create an innovative and inspiring food brand that consumers can relate to and to be able to educate consumers on the eating healthier and offer them a “better for you” option to current mass produced and often unhealthy foods.


Q:  How do you go about sourcing your ingredients so that they’re as sustainable as possible?

A:  We have invested heavily controlling the supply chain from farm to table, in particular our raw honey products where we own a bee-keeping business and honey farm in Mpumulanga.

Q:  What motivates you to keep going?

A:  The idea that there is so much potential and so much more possible in this sector of the economy. Also, that we can create a proudly South African business that can compete on a global scale.


Q:  What has running your business taught you? 

A:  That you should always run your business with integrity and never compromise on your ethics for the sake of profit or power.  The old rule of karma is key, if you put positive things into the world you will receive them back.

Q:  What would you like to communicate to the wider community through your business?

A:  I would like to communicate that we exist to promote good, healthy eating habits.  We want to make it easy and enjoyable for people to eat consciously.  Conscious of what they put into their body.  Conscious of where it comes from. Conscious of how it was produced.

I highly recommend you try their products.  You can find them in Dis-Chem country wide (and online), on Faithful to Nature’s website as well as on Takealot.  They also have a shop link on their site that takes you to the Pharmamark online store.

Find out more about them through their website:  Eat Naked.  You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

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