I first came across Natural Yogi natural deodorant at a health and wellness shop in Jeffreys Bay called “Organic Heart”.  I was browsing around the store and found a pretty display in one corner, and promptly opened all the testers to have a good sniff of all the different options.

I bought 2 immediately, and resolved to do a bit of Googling when I returned home.  I tested the product the next day and really enjoyed it.  So much so, that I reached out to the owner of the brand and asked to list her in the resources section of this website.  Nadia emailed me back, and we chatted, and she agreed to be listed and featured on the blog.

I love what the brand stands for, and am thrilled to feature this lovely small business here.

Q:  What was your motivation to start this business?

A:  I am a yoga teacher and nature is very important in my life. I grew up in the countryside and it was when I moved to the city at age 13 that I started yoga. Yoga has always been my way of staying connected to a more simple, natural lifestyle – for me it also became a way of truly soaking in and connecting to nature – which, when we come into that experience of true connectedness, we can see as an extension of ourselves.

It was these experiences of true connectedness of nature – of the beauty that it offers us and the literal sense that we can soak its magic in through our pores that are the inspiration behind Natural Yogi.

The actual process of starting the business was motivated by a breast cancer scare and the search for an effective natural deodorant. I was so impressed by the results of the recipe of what eventually became Natural Yogi Deodorant that I decided the world had to have a share of it… and so Natural Yogi Deodorant came into being, and soon other products followed with the discovery of the incredible power of natural ingredients.

The other motivation behind Natural Yogi is to do my bit to give back to nature. The unconscious proliferation of plastic that is at the heart of our current consumerist/convenience society has always bothered me. Natural Yogi offered me the opportunity to pioneer change through finding no-waste solutions to packaging and inspiring others toward living a more minimalistic lifestyle – the beauty of the simple and natural in living in harmony with nature.

Q:  How do you decide on your products and create a line that’s free of bad ingredients and works as intended?

A:  The challenge of Natural Yogi is to find products that are as simple and natural as possible – and that really work! These are parameters that guide the exploration. The ingredients, till this date, are derived as much as possible from nature in their most natural form. There are no artificial preservatives.

The aim is to cover the basics of our body care needs. I aim to not excessively feed the proliferation of cosmetic products. I also want not only to stay away from chemicals, but also to create body care products and practices that fundamentally have healing and health value – drawing on the powerful healing qualities of certain healing ingredients. It is the healing qualities of ingredients that inspires many of the products, as well as the understanding of certain health concerns.

To give some examples:

The Chest and Breast Massage Oil was inspired, like the deodorant, through breast cancer awareness – through the awareness that regular breast massage – at the very least at the level encouraging flow and detoxification of the breast tissue. It was also inspired by the incredible power of natural ingredients with regards to lymphatic stimulation as well as powerful anti-breast cancer activity that has been proven (in Vitro) in some of the ingredients – to name some of the most important ingredients – Frankincense and Chamomile.

The baby products were inspired by the incredibly soothing powers of Calendula – so perfect for baby skin – and also so perfect for soothing agitation in adult skin.

The products are also specifically designed to be able to work with the packaging innovations.

More than that, who can describe the process of creation – sometimes we go in search of something only to chance upon something else.

Q:  How do you go about sourcing your ingredients so that they’re as sustainable as possible?

A:  Natural Yogi does not seek to be an exclusive brand – as much as possible the aim is for it to be as accessible to as many people as possible. Natural ingredients are expensive and obviously limited in supply, so this creates a challenge.

As far as possible local ingredients are used – especially for the ingredients that form the bulk of the products. Ingredients are chosen as much as possible for their low impact on the environment. Essential oils, which are highly concentrated extracts of flowers and plants, are used sparingly, and often more for their healing values than for scent. Natural Yogi chooses a certain percentage of the ingredients from certified organic sources – especially those ingredients that are most likely to absorb chemicals. Unfortunately choosing all the ingredients from organic sources makes the price inaccessible to many. In endorsing the organic venture, the hope is to be able to draw more and more on organic sources.

Q:  What motivates you to keep going?

A:  What motivates me to keep going is the beautiful energy, values and intentions on which Natural Yogi is based. Others also sense this in the products and their enthusiastic responses in turn feeds the motivation.

Q:  What has running your business taught you?

A:  Running my business has taught me that people are open to and can sense energy and good intentions – more than I would have thought. And it has taught me – and keeps teaching me – to follow my gut.

Q:  What would you like to communicate to the wider community through your business?

A:  I would like to communicate the beauty and power of connectedness with nature – and enrichment and fulfilment that comes with taking a more responsible and conscious approach as part of the ecosystem of this planet.

I have been using my deodorants for a few weeks, and have tried the cedar lime variant and the one for sensitive skin, and I love them both.

This was a welcome discovery on my journey of removing more and more harmful chemicals from my life.  I adore that the packaging is reusable and zero waste.

I would highly recommend you try these out.

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