The Purpose

We want to list businesses in South Africa who sell eco-friendly, eco-conscious, vegetarian and vegan products of any kind.

Criteria for Listings

To be listed in the directory, a company does not have to comply with all guidelines, but the first 2 points are non-negotiable.


No animals harmed in the making of the product or service

This goes without saying, but bears mentioning.  No animals are to be harmed in the making of the product and delivery of the service.

This includes animal testing in the case of cosmetic and household products.


Should be a product or service that takes the environment into account

This means that it helps its users live lighter on the earth, or is produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

It can also be an item or service that helps people who want to live more sustainably to make better choices about the items they consume.


Business takes into account the lifestyles of vegetarians/vegans

The current marketplace caters for omnivores as the standard.  We would like to help to shift the dialogue in the public space to take the lifestyles and diet choices of vegetarians and vegans into account when creating products and services.


Product or service should help customers make better, more conscious choices

Part of the responsibility of a business owner or service provider is to educate their customers.  The product sold or service provided should educate customers and help them to make better choices.  This could be via a blog, via social media channels, via customer interactions, via the brand message, or a combination of any of the above.



Restaurants, food stores, small businesses selling food products.


Cleaning products, home care products, home ware goods, furniture and décor sellers.

Body & skincare

Small businesses selling body care and skincare products, as well as cosmetics.

Health & Wellness

Businesses that sell products and services that focus on health and wellness.

Clothing & Accessories

Businesses that sell eco-conscious clothing and accessories.

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If you'd like to share your experiences with us, we are very interested to hear from you, as we are looking for people to feature on the blog.

If you have a business that sells eco-friendly products, or you provide a service that would appeal to those living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, we would love to feature you.  Please send us a message.

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