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These are businesses who sell cleaning products, homeware goods, furniture and décor products.

Cleaning Products

Green bee biodegradables

It is their mission to provide, to households and businesses, biodegradable products that work as well as commercial brands and are priced competitively against these same brands.  In addition, they aim to facilitate the avoidance of plastic where feasible and the reusing of plastic in all other scenarios, by providing refillable bottles and collecting bulk packaging for cleaning, refilling and recirculation.  They believe that reusing plastic is far superior to recycling!

They supply dishwashing liquid, all-purpose cleaner, hand wash, laundry liquid, fabric softener, automatic dishwasher powder and waterless hand sanitiser.  All our products are fully biodegradable, non-toxic and are free of EDTA and phosphates, making them safe for the whole family including pets. The ingredients are plant based and free of petrochemicals.

Contact number:  076 935 7044 

Email address:

Visit website:  The Green Bee

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Green fairy

Green Fairy was founded by Veronica Charles and she is passionate about helping to offer more eco-friendly products.  We offer silicone straws and pouches.  Loofah cleaning sponges, cotton crochet cloths and pure Castile soap.

Contact number:  072 641 5133

Email address:

Visit website:  Green Fairy Products

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Calli & Co.

 Calli & Co. was started with the goal of creating cleaning products that are not only safe for the environment, but also safe for those using them.

They are against single use plastic and one of the few companies providing biodegradable and non-toxic products in refillable glass bottles.

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Visit website:  Calli & Co.

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Homeware Goods

Better Straws

This business sells stainless steel and bamboo straws through their online shop.

Email address:

Visit website:  Better Straws

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Earth Warrior

An online store that sells bamboo coffee cups, bamboo straws, glass straws,  and stainless steel bottles.

Contact number:  083 256 1685

Email address:

Visit website:  Earth Warrior

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FreshBag sells nylon mesh and cotton bags to use at the grocery store when shopping for fresh produce and dried goods.

Email address:

Visit website:  FreshBag

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bonnie bio

Bonnie Bio endeavours to make a difference with their PLA and corn starch / plant-based internationally certified compostable and biodegradable products. Their range currently includes multi-purpose bags (good for doggy doo, spent nappies, sanitary, medical and food waste), PLA straws of various sizes, various sized peddle bin bags, refuse bags and cling wrap. They will be introducing cutlery and cocktail straws in the very near future as they continue to grow their product offering.

Their products are all made from plant based ingredients with no chemical additives or petroleum based products.  Their products are naturally compostable and decompose when exposed to natural elements such as heat, sunshine, moisture and microbial activity.

Contact number:  071 670 6299

Email address:

Visit website:  Bonnie Bio

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Raw Co.

RAW Co. represents an authentic, sustainable, and responsible approach to life.  Inspired by the people and world around them, their ideas are turned into producs that are designed especially for you.

Real Authentic Ware is a collective of products made from natural and recycled materials.  They do not waiver on quality and produce goods that are aesthetically functional, and follow environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable practices.  They love to support local and small businesses alike.

“The brand was formed out of a desire for independence, a sense of freedom, to own our day and to make the most of every day.  To get out what we put in.  To live a mindful, conscious, and sustainable life.  To live a real and authentic lifestyle.”

Email address:

Visit website:  RAW.CO

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Mike & the Organics’ focus is on building soil organically.  Soil fertility is a fundamental resource for future food security but is being continuously depleted by chemical-based large-scale commercial farming.

Their vision is an urban society that increasingly produces a significant portion of its own food in a system where urban waste is recycled back into the nutrient supply chain.

Mike & the Organics’ products  include vermi-composting worms, vermi-compost tea, comfrey plants and powders, various compost & manure products as well as wood-chips.

Email address:

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